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ES Series

The Crown ES Series stackers deliver powerful performance, responsive control, excellent manoeuvrability and visibility so operators can work safely and productively in small spaces. View ES Brochure View ES Specifications

ESR Series

The ESR 5200 Series reach trucks utilise Crown's proven Access 1 2 3 Comprehensive System Control to move products into and out of your facility quickly, easily, safely and economically. Choose lift heights, capacities, performance packages and operator features that best match your application. View ESR Brochure View ESR Specifications  

ET Series

The Crown ET Series is engineered for harsh and less-than-perfect conditions. The platform stackers are built to be rugged, precise and powerful. Put them to the test and you’ll find robust performance, simplified use and excellent control. View ET Brochure View ET Specifications

FC Series

The Crown FC Series forklift features the perfect combination of productivity and power. Industry leading manoeuvrability and a range of capacities enable the FC Series to meet even more of your material handling needs. View FC Brochure View FC Specifiactions

MPC Series

You could buy four different forklift trucks for order picking, stacking, replenishment and pallet transport or you could invest in one truck that does it all – the MPC Series order picker with mast. View MPC Brochure View MPC Specifications

PTH Series

Hand pallet trucks should be durable, not disposable. Therefore, the Crown PTH Series offers superior quality, serviceability and durability that exceed the toughest application needs. View PTH Brochure/Specifications

RR/RD Series

It’s one thing to engineer a reach truck that has the power to perform. It’s another to create a reach truck with intelligence and technology that stands apart. The RR/RD Series from Crown delivers just that; powerful performance and innovative technology all in one. View RR/RD Brochure View RR Specifications View RD Specifications

RT Series

The RT Series ride-on pallet truck is engineered to make a huge difference in manoeuvrability, responsiveness, reliability and safety. Both the sit-down and stand-up models deliver fast, strong transporting performance with the comfort operators need to run day after day. View RT Brochure View RT Specifiactions

SC Series

This Crown forklift delivers the power, manoeuvrability and dependability to satisfy the demands of both the application and the operator. Attention to detail, advanced engineering, a solid foundation and task-focused ergonomics – that’s the ideal balance you find on the SC Series. You can choose from 3- and 4-wheel models with capacities from 1.3 to 2.0 tons. View SC Brochure View SC Specifiactions

SH/SHR Series

Crown’s SH/SHR Series heavy-duty straddle stackers enable operators to quickly and easily manoeuvre the heaviest loads while navigating in tight areas. View SH/SHR Brochure View SH Specifications View SHR Specifications

ST/SX Series

Crown ST/SX Series straddle stackers offer a safe, productive and cost effective solution when you need to maximise your storage space and improve efficiency. View ST/SX Brochure View ST/SX Specifications

TSP Series

The TSP Series VNA truck maximises cube utilisation throughout the warehouse. Exceptional travel speed, capacity and height combined with an industry-leading, heavy-duty mast deliver optimal performance and long-term reliability. View TSP Brochure View TSP Specifications

WF Series

Crown’s WF Series stacker contributes time and cost savings while delivering flexibility that makes it one of the most in-demand in the warehouse. Now, you can save space and organise products for faster access while giving your employees a quicker, safer way to lift, carry or transport heavy or bulky loads. View WF Brochure View WF Specifications

WP Series

Crown's application-focused design makes it easy to find the pallet truck that matches your workforce, levels of usage, facility layout and shipping needs. The WP Series – including the compact WP 3210 model – meets the requirements of demanding applications. Whether it's dock work, delivery service, in-store retail or heavy manufacturing, Crown’s WP Series allows you to select the right pallet truck for your business. View WP Brochure View WP Specifiactions

WT Series

When you face intense pallet truck conditions and high throughput demands, Crown has the answer. The WT Series has what it takes for both truck and operator to excel: robust engineering, best-in-class durability, task efficiency and comfort. The WT Series platform pallet truck offers the widest model variation available including four platform configurations, capacities of up to 2.5 tons and electronic steering. View WT Brochure View WT Specifications