About Us

BREMCO is a Cairo-based independent dealer that supplies premium-only electric material handling equipment to the Egyptian market, including CROWN electric forklifts. Established by two brothers, one an Electronics & Communications engineer and the other an Aerospace engineer, Raoul and Eric Tadros draw from their robust engineering education, their father’s legacy as Egypt’s premiere CROWN dealer, and their mother’s consistent support and tenacity to deliver the highest quality products and services to their customers.

BREMCO provides seamless end-to-end service, from sales to support, but their true equity is built upon an impeccable customer service and maintenance standards that covers the greater Cairo area, the delta region, and swathes of northern Egypt.



Our Team

Raoul Tadros

Co-Founder & CEO
As an alum of Carleton University, Canada’s Capital University, Raoul holds a Bachelor of Engineering with a concentration in Communications Engineering. Although Raoul sits at the helm of BREMCO as CEO, he is deeply entrenched in the customer experience and is deeply committed to building close relationships with his customers.

Eric Tadros

Co-Founder & Managing Director
Currently completing his Bachelor’s degree in Aerospace Engineering at Carleton University, Eric also serves as head of sales engineering, supporting the team’s work in identifying customer technical needs and ideating service solutions. He is deeply committed to the company’s golden standard of service and works to ensure customer’s maintenance needs are met.

Medhat Girgis

Medhat serves as the Chairman of BREMCO, having many years of experience in the transportation and logistical fields. Medhat oversees the operations of BREMCO as a whole, to make sure everything is moving smoothly from administration to sales to maintenance.

Hany Shakker

General Manager
Hany is the General Manager by managing the administration such as the company’s taxes, banking needs, and departmental personnel. He’s up-to-date with the tax laws, Egyptian customs, and is on the pulse of emerging trends and changes in the legal and regulatory landscape of the country.