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ES Series

The Crown ES Series stackers deliver powerful performance, responsive control, excellent manoeuvrability and visibility so operators can work safely and productively in small spaces. View ES Brochure View ES Specifications

ET Series

The Crown ET Series is engineered for harsh and less-than-perfect conditions. The platform stackers are built to be rugged, precise and powerful. Put them to the test and you’ll find robust performance, simplified use and excellent control. View ET Brochure View ET Specifications

SH/SHR Series

Crown’s SH/SHR Series heavy-duty straddle stackers enable operators to quickly and easily manoeuvre the heaviest loads while navigating in tight areas. View SH/SHR Brochure View SH Specifications View SHR Specifications

ST/SX Series

Crown ST/SX Series straddle stackers offer a safe, productive and cost effective solution when you need to maximise your storage space and improve efficiency. View ST/SX Brochure View ST/SX Specifications

WF Series

Crown’s WF Series stacker contributes time and cost savings while delivering flexibility that makes it one of the most in-demand in the warehouse. Now, you can save space and organise products for faster access while giving your employees a quicker, safer way to lift, carry or transport heavy or bulky loads. View WF Brochure View WF Specifications